@2016 Alice Radford Photography

I'm Alice

I think it is important to get to know your photographer, as the more you get to know someone the more relaxed you are and this can really make a difference to the end result.


So, a bit about me... I'm Alice. I'm an Oxfordshire based photographer and a believer in natural, fun, beautiful photography and smiling like you mean it. 


Well, it goes without saying that I love photography. Since I was young it has always caught my attention and intrigued me. I love capturing the moment, that split second of time which later tells so many stories of feelings and emotion. I love that photography allows those moments and feelings to be relived again and again.


So, it only made sense to create a little business out of what I love. I specialise in Wedding and Family photography. I want to make people smile, laugh, cry and remember all the good stuff by producing beautiful images  of their happiest moments. 


I can truly say that I love my job and feel very lucky that I have been able to make this dream a reality. I love travelling the country and meeting new people, seeing them at their happiest and most excited.  

I live in Thame in Oxfordshire with my husband James, our son Eli and our dog Rory. When I'm not behind a camera, I love to travel, explore new places and spend time in the sea or up a mountain. I love yoga and vegetarian food. Oh, and I am mildly obsessed with dungarees. 

I try to update my portfolio regularly, so, grab a cup of tea, take a look around for a while and if you would like to talk to me more about my photography, then give me a call, I would love to hear from you.


Alice x