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The Tribe - Newborn Sessions - What to Expect

September 5, 2018

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The Tribe - Newborn Sessions - What to Expect

September 5, 2018

You're thinking of booking a newborn shoot, but not sure what that would actually involve? Then read on...


The arrival of your brand new little human is a truly unique time. A whirlwind of different emotions and new experiences which, before you know it, will feel like a distant blurry memory.


That’s why I love shooting newborns in the most natural and documentary way possible. My aim is to capture you and your new family exactly how you are. The shoot will take place at your house. I do not use studio lights, props or costume outfits. I find the natural light in your home, and use props such as your bed, the baby’s bed and nursery, blankets,  or sometimes a favourite toy. Have a look at my portfolio to see some examples of my style. 


When should I book a Newborn shoot?


It is best to book a newborn shoot any time after your 20 week scan and before the 36 week mark ish. Of course, you don't know exactly when your little one will arrive, but we can pencil in a date shortly after your due date, and if little one arrives early this can be rearranged. To really capture those newborn details which soon disappear, the best age to have a newborn shoot is between 1 and 6 weeks old. This is why I recommend booking before baby has arrived, so there is time to schedule a shoot within that time frame. 



Who can be in the photos?


This is largely your choice. My usual style would be to have some with just mum dad and baby, some with just mum, some with just dad and some of baby on their own. If there are other children in the family too then of course they can be part of the shoot too! There are times where either dad or both parents would prefer not to be in the photos, in which case it is absolutely fine to just focus on baby. If you were to ask what I recommend however, I would definitely suggest that  everybody gets involved in the photos as this really is the best way to capture your family. It is also surprisingly rare how often you will all be in a photograph together, and even rarer that mum and baby will have photographs together!  



What Should I wear? 


There are no strict rules as to what you should or shouldn't wear for your family shoot. My only suggestion is that it is best to avoid clothing with large text or logos on it if possible, as this can distract from the photo itself. Colour wise, there is no need to colour co-ordinate with each other - unless you want to! Neutral colours tend to work well but the most important thing is to wear whatever you feel comfortable and happy in. 






What should I dress my baby in? 


Again, there are no strict rules here. Simple is best, as large dresses, for example, tend to bunch up and hide a lot of those lovely newborn features we are trying to capture. Little vests and baby grows are the best thing to wear. Colour wise, this is down to you. If you want a more simple look, white or neutral colours are good, or if your baby is usually dressed in bright colours then go ahead and dress them as you normally would.


 How long will the sessions last?


All of the newborn sessions are completely ‘baby lead’. Meaning, your little one is on nobody’s time schedule apart from their own. I do not give a set number of hours, as I like to allow time for feeding, soothing baby, nappy changes etc!  Most shoots are normally finished within 2-3 hours, so I would leave at least that time frame free for the shoot.  





When will I get to see the photos?


I aim to get your full gallery delivered to you within 2 weeks. I will however send you a little sneak peek the following day to keep you going! 




I get 10 digital photos included, what if I want more than that?


When I deliver the full gallery to you, I will ask you to choose your 10 favourites, and which 5 of those you would like printed out. I will then send you those 10 images in high resolution the same day that you choose them. The prints will be sent to you by post a few days later. If you wish to order more than the 10 included digitals there are the following options: 


1 x additional digital print  £10 

5 x additional digital prints  £45 



10 x additional digital prints  £85

Full gallery  £100


If you choose to purchase the full gallery, this will be delivered to you on a USB stick as well as an online gallery. 


If you wish to order additional prints, the prices are as follows: 


1 x 7x5 print £8

5 x 7x5 prints £35

10x 7x5 prints £60 


Larger prints and other products can also be ordered, just let me know and I will provide a quote. 


If you would like to book a newborn shoot or have any other questions, head over to the contact me page and drop me a line. I hope to meet you and your little one soon!